What is resonant healing?

In simple words, I like to say that Resonant Healing is simply the highest possible form of empathy. Resonant healing is a method available to every human being that provides the opportunity, through building a bond with another person, to look at ourselves with tenderness, care, and compassion. That is what we need when emotions take over when stressed we are faced with an impossible task and when the emotions running rampant in the brain rule rational choices. All in all, you’ll say, it’s very simple – bestowing affection on yourself is easy when you’re under a blanket with your favorite tea. BUT

Do you always love yourself when things go wrong for you?

When you make a mistake? When an angry customer calls and yells at you on the phone? Are you able to be good to yourself, even when your relationship with your customer is already tense? So tense that emotions are about to erupt into a volcano between you? Are you sure that when you are in such an emotional state you can always keep yourself whole, and attentive to what the client is saying? Can you say that even in the biggest brawl you are able to look at yourself and your counterpart with compassion? Will taking the next step in this situation be guided by your humanity, or will it be guided by the lowest (reptile) parts of your brain?

How does the brain work?

The brain on the physical side is a collection of neurons. This physical grid is overlaid by a process of constant modification of it called the mind. Definition of the mind says that it is a relational and embodied process that regulates the flow of energy and information. What has the greatest impact on the physical modeling of the brain and the mental modeling of the mind is emotion. I know I am simplifying by referring to one of my favorite neurosciences – interpersonal neuroscience.

what is resonant healing

Resonant healing is a method that does not separate the brain from the mind, because that, in principle, is a completely impossible sentence.


Thanks to resonant healing, the world becomes a friendlier place and it is easier to build a relationship with other people. Mainly due to the fact that you are building on a better and better relationship with yourself. As humans, we learn from a young age to build and maintain secure relationships. At first with our parents and then with other people. If, as a child, mum or dad passed on this pattern to us, we will know how to look at ourselves with tenderness. If we did not develop this skill in childhood, or difficult experiences in our later life caused us to lose it, we can regain it all thanks to resonant healing. Neuroplasticity, as a modality of your mind, says that every mistake can be corrected.  Being again gentle with yourself is possible even in your fifties and until the last moments of your life. Even when you think you are too old. Ask for resonance to help you. “As long as the body is warm, anything is possible.”

Have you had difficult experiences in your life?

Resonant healing allows you to let go of the past and leave difficult experiences behind. It does not mean cutting off, or breaking contact. Resonance helps you release these patterns. Resonant healing helps you to find alternative solutions and meanings to your earlier angry or sad amygdala suggestions. Such anger, sadness, or grief can imprison us for years, the dark shadows of the past lay over everyday life – they take away the joy, and the causality and do not allow us to take another step into life. Gradually cutting yourself off from people and the world causes you to fall even deeper into dark and dull places of helplessness, powerlessness, and helplessness in a sense of increasing loneliness.

Humans are meaning making machines

According to the resonant healing method, what is difficult and painful is given a new level of understanding. We look at situations where we were alone and helpless and find meaning in them. A new meaning, a new story. A new truth. We expand the map, we add new levels of perception to it. We expand our perceptions through the complexity and layers of truth.

Resonant Healing Language

Resonant healing is a method built on how the brain works using mindfulness, neuroscience, different types of practices, and a distinctive way of communicating, which is resonant language. This way of communication was inspired by non-violent communication and contains many of its elements. On the one hand, it observes and names emotions, and examines what we long for. Resonant healing language is also based on metaphors, impossible dreams, and even swearing (sic!). This way of communication calls things by name. It acknowledges what is true, even if difficult. And through this comes a feeling of relaxation for a hitherto tense body.

Acknowledging the truth brings back the power of choice.

If you want to see how it feels, I would invite you to do a micro-test on yourself even right now. Recall some recent events where critical thoughts of “it won’t work”, “you won’t make it”, “why did you need this?”, “what were you even thinking?” popped into your head. Got it?

Now imagine sitting with another person who, hearing these unsupportive texts of yours, says with compassion: “Don’t cross yourself out, it’s just one of many trials”, “Obviously you cared a lot, that it was important to you”, “Wouldn’t it be beautiful if always going out to the world was decked out with a red carpet, like at the Oscar Gala?”.

What emotions and feelings arise in you when you experience such giving of compassion, empathy, and care? You can also examine how your body reacts. What happens to your breath when the other person in your head gives you a friendly helping hand? When it is simply being with you, but without imposing themselves doing anything for you. What changes for you when you feel such understanding and empathy?

Resonant Self-Witness

One of the modalities of resonant healing is to build within yourself and strengthen your own Resonant Self-Witness. Such a Witness is an innate presence, internal support, a being, in moments when you don’t have people around you. When, in solitude, you fall into powerlessness. Anger. Despair. Of course, it is an absolutely impossible task to be that way always for yourself. That’s why it’s useful to have someone like a Resonant Healing Practitioner to bring you, your body, your soul, and your whole jittery nervous system back to life. Resonance brings you more trust in life. To the best possible state of your Resonant Self Witness. In order to be a support for ourselves, we first require the support of other people. In order to have a relationship with yourself, first, get to know yourself through relationships with other people. Resonant healing has already gathered a group of practitioners from all over the world around it. Our motto is to make our brains a friendly place to live. “Make your brain a kinder place to live”.

How to have a more resonant life?

To experience Resonant Healing, I invite you on behalf of myself and other Polish practitioners and practitioners to groups and workshops or one-to-one sessions. You can also start by reading a book written, by Sarah or watching her lectures on YouTube. Whatever makes you kinder and more friendly to yourself will make you kinder and more friendly to the world. And vice versa.

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