how will you shine?

“How will you shine?” is a little Resonant Language Practice. The picture you see above is neurographic that I painted while looking for that answer to the question:

How will you shine?

Can you see a rose in the picture? The rose that is bound so tightly that the lines are cutting through the petals of the flower?

Is it possible to glow when sharp lines are cutting your delicate skin, and making it impossible to move?

One of the Resonant Language tools is metaphors (fresh metaphors).

How does the metaphor of the “Imprisoned Rose” land for you?

What are your own pictures that your mind is creating when you sound internally those words: “Imprisoned Rose”

  • What is changing for you while tossing these words in your head? 
  • Are you experiencing any changes in your body?
  • Are you experiencing any emotions? Can you name them?
  • What do you long for while connecting to what you feel and experience?
  • Are there any pictures that appear in front of your internal sight?
  • What is the answer to your question?

How will you ….

What can you do more? I encourage you you to either journal or meditate over questions above. Or the graphic. Choose whatever works for you. I believe that you will find your way about with proposed inspirations. You can use either questions or graphic as a koan – question that you ask yourself time and time again in order to find as many answers as it is possible. With koans you are yours best teacher. You are your only master. As you could hear into light of your soul – your internal light and voice, you could be surprised what more you will find. The beauty is in the search not in what you find.

How will you shine?


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