Self awareness of Resonating Self Witness

How do self awareness and resonating self witness get along?

Self awareness is one of the hottest buzz words of the decade. Is self awareness all we need?

I could be self aware of anything that is happening to me in terms of my body sensations, feelings, thoughts and mental programs going through my mind. I could be aware of my rage or my sadness, shivers going down my spine or flashback of traumatic experience. I could be aware of my joy and happiness and still I would not be able to do anything about it. For me, self awareness is series of snapshots or short films that I am producing in my own head. Self awareness is kind of state where I am just conscious of what is happening. Having my self awareness or self consciousness can also mean that I am capable of providing description for these states. Verbal or non-verbal.

Resonating Self Witness

Resonating Self Witness is part of my identity. Resonating Self Witness is integrated, inclusive and internalised part of self consciousness that can combine the awareness with compassionate response and action. Sometimes I also like to say that Resonating Self Witness is a specific role that my internal actor plays for me when comedy turns into drama.

What is the role of resonance?

Experiencing live is sometimes troublesome, isn’t it? And majority of humans being social creatures do not operate well in solitude of own drama. We need other people, we need our tribe to make sure we make sense of ourselves and to closest friends and communities. This social fuel is needed to operate on basic levels. Social fuel is needed for our neuroplasticity and for our evolution. We create our sense of self when surrounded by those who help us see that sense. Experiencing resonance with a live person means that whatever is happening for you, there is another human being that helps your nervous system with their nervous system to process the override. We need other humans to learn how to reach for nervous system homeostasis.

How can we make sure we are always surrounded by the right people that help us make sense of self whenever we need?

In the modern society with everyone rushing and being online-teamed or online-zoomed, it might be hard to find the right person in the time of need. Resonating Self Witness is the answer to that question.

What is resonating self witness?

Resonating Self Witness (RSW) is the part of self that is always resonating with what is true for you.

If you find yourself in sadness of loss of someone or something, Resonating Self Witness will not diminish your sadness with “Nothing really happened, there is nothing to be sad about” RSW will not ask you to “get over it”, RSW will not criticise you for whining over the loss.
At the time of sadness from loss RSW would sit beside you with “Of course you are sad” or “If we were to measure your sadness wouldn’t be the size of the mountain?”, “Wouldn’t it be sweet if we could keep just one single atom of what dear to us and has to go away?”
Resonating Self Witness is that part of self consciousness that is always on your side, that is always caring, that is the version of yourself that is always there for you.

How to grow self consciousness with resonant language?

Grow your self awareness with resonance

Indeed Resonant Language is the best set of tools to equip our self consciousness with Resonating Self Witness. You can find many resources on the Resonant Language on this blog so I encourage you to read other posts. Nevertheless Resonant Language is the tool of the self of constant building of self awareness and growing your sense of self. Simple acknowledgement of your emotions is always much better than denying, diminishing or neglecting them. Tool of acknowledgement of emotions is one that helps to find out what is the underlying need below that emotion. When acknowledging emotions you help your prefrontal cortex – your decision making part of brain – to move on with finding what it wants to take care of and what should be done next. Raising self awareness of totality of your experience is the key.

Resonant healing of self consciousness

Awareness of the self does not mean you spend your hole life in the “budda state of mind” – calm and accepting. Awareness of the self means being also conscious of anger, fear, sadness, aloneness, helplessness. Resonance that we can provide for such states and emotions will allow these states and emotions to flow smoothly, will remove blockages and feeling of stuckness. Therefore the resonance will have healing power and increase of awareness to overall of self consciousness. Each situation, every action and reaction of the self is possibility to heal and to grow.

Resonance for the self and of self

Resonance is happening in two cellos when one of them is playing and the other is repeating – resonating – the sound that is played. It is the same for the human bodies. With this post I would like to encourage you to resonate with yourself for yourself on the mental level.

“The universe is mental”
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You can either resonate with your body sensations from your mental level or just resonate mind-to-mind. The mind does not distinguish what is true picture and what is just a mental image. It is all the same for the mind. One might say this is both opportunity or threat. You can take advantage of this fact and build for yourself the Resonating Self Witness to experience them daily whenever you need.
It is impossible to do it all by your own self without any contact with other people, but the more you experience resonance from others the strongest your Resonating Self Witness grows.

You can learn more about Self Resonating Witness from the book “Your Resonant Self” by Sarah Peyton.