Poetry is one of resonant language modalities, which means that it brings our relational right brain to be more alive, more connected and “makes our brain kinder place to live”. Poems that I am presenting here were part of resonant healing sessions and healing either for me or the other participant of the session. I am sharing them further to spread resonance, healing and empathy to the world.

It Could Be

a smile or a poem. Or new day light
that finds you through an open
window. Or, perhaps, remembering
that tomorrow was never promised.  

It could be the scent 
of baking bread, the first chill 
of autumn that has you reaching 
for your favorite wool sweater. Or maybe  
it’s the noticing of how easily 
red maple becomes and lets go.  

It could be taking today off 
to be still, to un-know, 
to notice. To practice loosening  
your troubled grip 
because grace can never 
be gripped or grabbed.  

It could be choosing 
softness in a world grown hard  
because you’re tired of hurting  
and being hurt and mercy 
is the best kind of medicine.  

It could be an invitation to gather  
around the listening table 
where every color is beautiful, where  
there is no blame,  
no shame, no them—no other.  

It could be any of these things 
or no thing at all, that remind
you that, really, only a few  
things matter—  

Food. Trees. Words. Love. Mostly love.
                        ~Julia M. Fehrenbacher  
                        from Poetry of Presence II (Grayson Books, 2023)