resonant healing space

Resonant healing space welcomes you.
Healing is a continuous process of life
that is taking place at its own rhythm.
In cycles.
Healing is us evolving to our best versions of being.
My name is Joanna
and I invite you to my healing space.
This is my Resonant Healing Space.

What is Resonant Healing Space?

I created Resonant Healing Space in order to share knowledge, inspiration and tools to allow Resonant Healing of each individual self. Resonance as you will find out below is about at least two people, but having a lot of empathy to those who need to be build more trust and safety before they reach out to other people. Of course it is scary, to reach out to other people from internet for help. How doest this resonate with you?

What is Resonance?

and what is Resonant Healing?

I like explaining to people who ask this question that Resonance and Resonant Healing are higher levels of empathy. Resonance is a level of empathy that includes:

  • reflecting states and feelings of another person,
  • compassion and sitting in the same row with the other person,
  • understanding of what is going on for the other person as well as for myself,
  • compassionate action which may include for example: (1) naming emotions and feelings, (2) describing and connecting with body sensations, and (3) proposing fresh metaphors for new wiring of our nervous systems.
resonant healing is accompanying
resonant healing is discovering

What does Resonance heal best?

You can use Resonance at any time of your daily life when either you or any other person experiences:

  • the flood of emotions,
  • intrusive thoughts,
  • fixations,
  • flashbacks of trauma.

In other words, Resonant Healing supports healing fixations, intrusive thoughts, fear, pain, regret, trauma, and PTSD with warmth, empathy, and care.

I use Resonant Healing term in exchange with Resonant Language. One may assume that healing is wider term and resonant language focuses only on semantics, but resonant language is also about non-verbal communication – presence, resonant experience, care and building trust based not only on words.

What does Resonant Healing support?

Resonant Healing supports the reclamation of body and self-connection. What you will experience in while in resonance might be a release from the past you may find a new way of trust towards yourself or the world. You may learn how your body supports you in a brand-new way having experienced release from old patterns and organic growth of new neurons. Old experiences will be rewired with new stories and new meaning and you will find understanding about your relations, about your life, and about your purpose. Read more about Resonant Healing here.

Why should you use Resonant Healing? 

Subjective reasons by resonant healing space

When asked this question I like to use my favourite map metaphor
Since we are born we are gathering billions of bits of information, beliefs, and impulses that are creating a total landscape on the map for us.
By the time we are adults, it appears that some applications on the map are “too much“, or we want “to get rid of them” as some of them are no longer useful or “might be unsupportive” or even “destroying the view“. 
We as humans are constantly evolving;

We as humans are constantly evolving

This is where Resonant Healing helps us “change the view of the map” in the way that we are able to see everything more consciously. In addition, we can say that Resonant Healing is the process of getting to cognize your own map, once you know what and why things appear on your map you can easily make the decision whether you want to keep them or remove them.

resonant healing

When can you use Resonant Healing?

resonant healing

Another beautiful metaphor of two cellos used by my Dear Teacher Sarah Peyton will help me answer when to use Resonant Healing.
Whenever two cellos are standing beside each other, if one of them starts playing the other one resonates giving the same sound.

People are like cellos.

Therefore, we have the capacity to resonate with our states and emotions.
How we are wired allows us to hear each other through this resonance process.
You can use resonance as a standalone process for healing trauma from the past.
In addition, you can use resonance as a form of short intervention in other processes such as coaching, therapy, and systemic constellations. You can use Resonant Healing for your own benefits while journaling or other self-development practices.

In conclusion, Resonant Healing is the universal language of warmth, empathy, and care for everyday life.

When not to use Resonant Healing on other people?

Do not use Resonance on others when you are incapable of putting aside your ego, troubles, left-shifts, and feelings. It will be difficult for you to be resonant with others whenever you might be overwhelmed by your own process. Such overwhelm prevents us from being kind, compassionate, and mindful towards the person we are about to resonate with.
It will be more beneficial if you give kindness, compassion, and mindful attention to yourself first.

Resonant Healing Tools & Resources

resonant healing space

Sarah Peyton

Resonant Healing was created by Sarah Peyton. Sarah has combined modern Interpersonal Neurobiology with various tools to benefit the Healing process. For example, one of the tools is Secret Vows Work which allows in-depth change of beliefs system. While studying Resonant Healing I learned how to implement it into process work:

  • you non-violent communication (mainly when naming emotions and needs guess)
  • Affective Neuroscience by Jaak Panksepp’s
  • Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges
  • Attachment Theory by John Bowlby
  • Social Baseline Theory (James A. Coan works)
  • Hero’s Journey and shamanic work

Resonant Language

I use Resonant Healing term in exchange with Resonant Language. One may assume that healing is wider term and resonant language focuses only on semantics, but resonant language is also about non-verbal communication – presence, resonant experience, care and building trust based not only on words. You can read more about Resonant Language here.

Who am I?

who is behind resonant healing space

joanna andryszczak lewandowska

Resonant Healing Practitioner

My name is Joanna Andryszczak- Lewandowska. I am certified Resonant Healing Practitioner and empath, coach (ICF ACC), mentor (EMCC), and non-violent communication trainer. I am also a facilitator of systemic constellations. I’ve been studying constellation and Resonant Healing and neuroscience with Sarah Payton since 2017.
Sarah’s work has been and still is positively inducing my own healing process.
I worked in financial institutions for 18 years before I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to supporting other people.

During one of my own Resonant  sessions, I discovered my secret vow and blessing  “to save and retrieve all missing parts of souls of little ones no matter how old they are”. I am a huge fan of working with metaphors and archetypes. Additionally, I use neurographics for my sessions and in order to open other people for healing. I am also a wife, a mum, a podcaster, cat owner.

What my clients say?

about resonant healing sessions with me?

our healing never ends

We are fractals of healing.

And even if it seems to us that some part of us is plunging into the deepest depths, it only happens to take us to the next, higher level of life.
Fractals of healing are inspirations of my own neurographics that can help you with connecting to the unconscious part and review for yourself what is searching for you at this very moment.
You can check these inspirations on my IG account @fractalsofhealing

resonant healing space

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