What is resonant language?

Resonant language was created by Sarah Peyton – neuroscience educator, constellations facilitator, certified Nonviolent Communication trainer. Resonant language is an invitation to balance left brain automatic and procedural doing with right brain interconnected, multilayered and multileveled being.

In our most natural day-to-day operations we incline to live in doing and in completing tasks. Living by habits without any or little time to reflect on why we are living the life we are living. In this world we are often disconnecting from our emotions, because it is easier and faster. As a result we are rarely connected to our purpose, to our internal “why” that gives us power of internal motivation and fuel our live force. I was living such life for 39 years myself and was exhausted, full of fears and haunted by panic attacks. Resonant language has changed my life.

Resonant language is set of tools

Those who study resonant language find a lot of common grounds with non-violent communication. Naming feelings and needs is originates from NVC. Further tools are – naming body sensations, fresh metaphor, impossible dream guess, poetry and poetic visual, acknowledging what is, swearing (sic!), some humour, and I&You relational language. Some of the tools are more natural to use and some not – it depends on the person. It depends on the person that we want to be resonant with. For example – for some people swearing is unacceptable. Some people could have hard time speaking and connecting to bodily sensations, although for the excelling in the resonant language it is good to deepen this relationship.

Resonant language is style of life

Resonant language is style of life. It is about staying in resonance with self (self -resonant witness) and with resonance with everything we meet, mainly people. But one can imagine staying in resonance with animals, plants, nature, waters or the Earth. If you chose to live resonant life you will find that: your brain is “kinder place to live”, the flow of intrusive unpleasant thoughts will slow down and you will pick up arising emotions quickly.

Resonant language is expression of well-understood empathy

Empathy is more and more desired almost everywhere even in business. My observation is that regardless of the source we learn about empathy, each one of us has its own understanding of how empathy is present in our life. Resonant language is – in my humble opinion – an expression of well-understood empathy. Notwithstanding if it is in business relations or at home – simple acknowledgement of what is true at that very moment is much better that criticising or giving unwanted advice.

Is resonant language easy to learn?

Resonant language is easy to learn as long as you accept one basic rule – it takes time. Accommodating more and more resonant language into your day-to-day life means that your brain structures would change. Information and emotions in brain and nervous system travel via tracks of neurons. Those tracks are sometimes shortcuts that omit unwanted memories and grew over years of living under unconscious contacts that have built the tracks.

How can resonant language change nervous system?

Resonant language and resonance changes by their presence stories, maps and roads we have in our heads by finding new connections of neurons. This means that as you may find it is hard to learn resonant language at the beginning, but you will also find that it just takes time for new physical brain and nervous system structures to grow.

Where can I learn resonant language?

There are several options provided by Sarah Peyton as well as her apprentices. Sarah provides training that allow becoming certified Resonant Language Practitioner. You can find out more about next cohort and requirements on her webpage. Apart from that – as the resonant language community is spread around the world – you can find whatever webinar, course, practice group that would work best for you. You can learn more from my posts or book resonant language session with me.

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