Poetry is one of resonant language modalities, which means that it brings our relational right brain to be more alive, more connected and “makes our brain kinder place to live”. Poems that I am sharing here were part of resonant healing sessions and healing either for me or the other participant of the session. I am sharing them further to spread resonance, healing and empathy to the world.

Traveling to Scandinavia in Spring

After the long winter,
we choose to travel north,
choose to move deeper into winter
to wander fjords and cobblestones.
We choose again the gray,
the ice, the snow, the cold.
Now I know there is something freeing
about choosing to explore
what isn’t easy.
There’s release, somehow,
in being on the path less warm
when it’s a path
I feel I’ve selected.
So I don again the coat,
the hat, the down.
I wander the streets
with their chill winds
and think, I want to be here.
And it’s true.
There is joy then,
in the bite, though some days
it goes deep.
Joy in being so present
in winter I forget
I could choose something else. 

                  ~Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer