Poetry is one of resonant language modalities, which means that it brings our relational right brain to be more alive, more connected and “makes our brain kinder place to live”. Poems that I am presenting here were part of resonant healing sessions and healing either for me or the other participant of the session. I am sharing them further to spread resonance, healing and empathy to the world.

On the Day I Start to Freak Out about AI 

I focus on the gentle words of my friend,

how I hear her smile come through her voice,

even if my eyes are closed. I focus

on how soft it is, the scarf I am swathed in,

how it warms my bare neck.

I think to myself,

I will remember this moment,

standing in this movie theater lobby,

where the scent of popcorn triggers my hunger.

I will remember feeling unsettled, thinking wow,t

hat was the moment I understood

how irrevocably the world had changed.

And when, later, we walk outside,

I fall in love with the snowflakes

that hit our face the way no pixel ever could—

and how, when my friend hugs me goodbye,

I fold into her body, tender and strong,

and I inhale the scent that is uniquely hers,

feel it flood my memories.

And later, when I cry, because every day I cry,

I feel so damn grateful to grieve, to hope,

to love beyond what any algorithm could predict,

my heart breaking every rule-based parameter,

yes, thank you for this stubborn and unruly heart

thudding like a storm inside my human chest

as I think about what is to come.  

                  ~Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer