Finding my true self with resonant language

“Finding my true self”, “finding my purpose” or just “finding my WHY?” is crucial for the purpose of us as humans in life. Good established connection with your true self is source of motivation – internal everlasting fire that gives fuel to anything we do in any role. Either as parents, teachers, manages, leaders or just simply friends. First of all, finding yourself is lifetime job. And it is not because its is super hard to really find out who you are, but whenever you discover your internal truth you might find out that this is just the beginning of the journey.

True self

True self is super hard to define. In my humble opinion, true self is a set of values, identities, voices, habits, needs, potentials. True self is how we make sense of our lives to ourselves and people who we care about, which means that who you are is multilayered and multidimensional entity and constantly changing in time as we grow.

True self – resonant approach

Wouldn’t it be sweet not to need to bother to find yourself? Isn’t it already tiring when you think of all that you “have to” learn how to find yourself, “have to” find out what you are passionate about and stick to it, “have to” believe in yourself, “have to” give up on unsporting believes, and “have to” do all this stuff apart from your life and work and family life? Wouldn’t it be so much easier if your true self was uploaded to you like any software is uploaded to computer, just like they did in “the Matrix” – the movie?

Resonance for the true self

Resonance for the true self would therefore mean that whoever you are in your life right now, whoever you think you really are, whoever you feel and whoever you will be – these are all true for now and you can embrace and accept. Being resonant towards your current true self would mean giving yourself “blessing of claiming your non-negotiable belonging” to who you are at that very moment. Finding resonance for true self would not mean you abandon your plans, expectations, and dreams. It would mean that for the moment of this particular breath you are taking while reading – you accept your true self already as a whole.

Your true self

Your true self is a combination of your past, your presence and your future and at the same time your past and your future is hidden inside you as a story you tell about your experiences to what has happened or will be happening to you, respectively. The part that is in the presence is the one that is the closest to describe the person you are at that very moment, BUT. With every word you read, you say or you think in your linear left brain, your right brain produces hundreds of pictures, visions and stories. One word in left brain – unlimited number of visions in right brain. This all is combined into whatever you call your truth at that very moment in your mind. Where mind is a process.

Attention, awareness and kindness

If you would ever like to have any (not that) simple advice how to approach your true self I would invite you to asking yourself the question: what is TRUE to you hearing the word and combining it with visions appearing inside your head and at the same having focused attention on yourself, open awareness and kindness towards how you find yourself and how you know yourself without opinions of others.

Find yourself

I assume that you got interested in this article because you want to be or become “your the most true self” or you want to know who you are in order to make your life easier, lighter, or maybe more meaningful. You may want to be feel like you belong in the world or you ask yourself about your strengths and you don’t know who can help you find yourself. I would recommend you considering Buddhist approach. If you don’t want to spend your life as a priest or nun closed in the monastery dedicating your whole life only to this one issue – “finding my true self”, you may try to find it on the way. How would it be to try to find yourself in every little thing that you do?

Resonance may help

Part of resonant healing and resonant language approach is that whomever we are at that very moment it is the combination of expressions of ourselves, or internalised mothers, internalised fathers, other family members, authorities and systems. For example – if I ask myself – while writing to you –

How to find yourself with resonance

Finding my true self

Wouldn’t you like to have easy and simple to use method that you can apply at every moment of your day?

Start with one breath. Start with one breath of warmth towards yourself in a day. How can one breath of warmth contribute to how to find yourself? Breathing is unconditional and we cannot live without it, but how to make with more conscious and full of warmth? First and the best place you can start with is your body. Try to notice your body sensations while breathing, try to notice how it makes you feel as you are breathing in and out. You might consider tracking the sensations along your nose, throat lungs, as well as expansion of your torso and belly.

Breath is just the first step

As you have established this physical connection I invite you to try to connect with sense of most warm and caring part of yourself. You may travel back in time and remember such feeling from the past as you have experienced it. You can ask your body to recall how it made you feel. You may imagine this warmth and care as sphere of light of any colour floating somewhere beside you. You may either enter this sphere or just reach out for it with your hand or take a breath of al least tiny little bit of it into your system.

Finding my true self

In order to find yourself – your true self at any moment of your life you can always start with one resonant breath of warmth and self-care.

If you still need some assistance, you may check other resources on resonance on the blog or schedule resonant healing session. Even more resources on warmth and resonance you can find via creator of the resonant healing – Sarah Peyton.