what is holding you back?

what is holding you back?

How do you resonate with this picture?

“What is holding you back?” is a little Resonant Language Practice. The picture you see above is neurographic that I painted while looking for that answer to the question “what is blocking my light?

You can use this picture either to ask the same question or ask any other question that is currently bothering you the most. 

Ask the question you are looking for the answer to and try to find it in the picture. You may want to rotate the picture couple of times (90, 180, 270 degrees). You may want to look at it with squinted eyes, or from further away. After that, you might have your resonant answer already, but if not, you may use some helping questions below.

Resonant Healing Practice Questions
  • What is changing for you while looking at that picture? 
  • Are you experiencing any changes in your body?
  • Are you experiencing any emotions? Can you name them?
  • What do you long for while connecting to what you feel and experience?
  • Are there any pictures that appear in front of your internal sight?
  • What is the answer to your question?
You may want to write down or make yourself a voice recording of what you have just discovered for yourself.

I decided to share resonance practices in order to help the readers and myself strengthen the resonance muscle.

Below you will find what was my resonance with this picture.

What blocks my light?

light and sound are waves
they are the same wave in a different spectrum of perception.

the bright wave on the left is a wave of light
the blue wave on the right is the wave of sound
in the middle, there is a Being that is transforming light into sound
there is a Being transforming light into sound, and sound into the light

is the Being aware of the “blockage”? or 

what is the Being not aware of?

for now, the complex truth is that Being doesn’t know
that is transforming
is not aware that can transform light into sound
does not see that is a transformer or catalyst for change

 The Being forgot that is a “Meaning-Making Machine” and as each and every Being gives meaning to


What is holding you back?

“What is holding you back?” is just another way of asking question instead of “What is blocking my light?”. First question is very often asked in coaching sessions, while asking about light is rather poetic and opening for further metaphors – exactly how resonant language invites us.

What can I use to speak in Resonant Language?

In order to be more relational in your conversations you can use a full palette of Resonant Language tools, you can use:

  • naming of Feelings and Needs,
  • descriptions of body sensations,
  • think of some fresh metaphors,
  • provide some impossible dream guesses
  • use poetry and poetic visuals,
  • sometimes it is enough to simply acknowledge what is
  • some relational swearing can help when expressing high emotions,
  • and last, but not least some good old sense of humor or just
  • “I” and “You” relational language.

You can return to the home page to find out more about Resonant Language and check other resources that I will be sharing to learn more about Resonance. You can reach for more to check Sarah Peyton Website. You can also schedule with me for resonant healing session.