fractals of healing

“We are fractals of healing” is a little Resonant Language Practice. The picture you see above is neurographic that I painted while looking for that answer to the question “what is a fractal of healing?

You can use this picture either to ask the same question or ask any other question that is currently bothering you the most. 

Ask the question you are looking for the answer to and try to find it in the picture. You may want to rotate the picture couple of times (90, 180, 270 degrees). You may want to look at it with squinted eyes, or from further away. After that, you might have your resonant answer already, but if not, you may use some helping questions below.

  • What is changing for you while looking at that picture? 
  • Are you experiencing any changes in your body?
  • Are you experiencing any emotions? Can you name them?
  • What do you long for while connecting to what you feel and experience?
  • Are there any pictures that appear in front of your internal sight?
  • What is the answer to your question?

You may want to write down or make yourself a voice recording of what you have just discovered for yourself.
I decided to share resonance practices in order to help the readers and myself strengthen the resonance muscle.

What are fractals of healing?

Have you ever had this strange feeling you are going round and round in circles, repeating the same stories, same crap feelings, same s#ity situations? Like spinning on the same merry-go-round? All the time?
Have you ever asked yourself “why me?”, “why again?”,


And when you look back to all those times do you still have the feeling you are in the same place not learning anything? or While sitting on the same merry-go-round have you made any discoveries? Have you experienced any “aha” moments? Did you have time to stop and wonder what is this playground all about?
These were your fractals – the next levels in the game you are playing here in this life. You do go round and round. Your life is about experiencing cycles of birth and death. You live through every spring, summer, autumn, and winter. You see the world around you evolve, and you evolve within. With the world. Nothing has changed, yet nothing stays the same. You are a living Being evolving with the world. Each next version of you is built on the layers of your previous versions. Therefore there is a perfectly good reason for you to be as you are, where you are, and with what you have.

These are your fractals of healing.

You are healing yourself with every breath, every step. Healing is coming back to yourself.

fractals of healing

Wouldn’t it be sweet to acknowledge for you the path you have made until this place with all your layers of healing? And to acknowledge your fractals, shapes, colors, flavors, and life of healing?

Healing yourself is holding yourself with what you are and holding yourself where you are. In the space and time of what is at this very moment the most alife for you. This is the process of growing your own Resonant Self-Witness. Your internal healer.

Anything can be the opportunity to wake the healing forces within you. Anything can move you to the higher level of the merry-go-round so that it keeps on spinning, but you feel lighter, happier, and joyful.
I hope my invitation from above with the picture, the process, and some additional layers will accompany your fractals of healing.
Please do not hesitate to leave a comment on how it all landed for you.
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