December is a festival of light. 

I look for light, sniffing for it wherever there’s a chance I might find it. 

I am like a moth. 
I am a child of light. 
We all are. 
We are all children of light. 
Yes, I know, I’m repeating myself, but this is important to me. 

Light, warmth, love, care, closeness. 
Listed in one breath. 
I will echo the light, as long as, it does not win over the darkness. 
I will shine and I will carry the light to you. 
glow. warmth. care. love.
For next 21 days
21 days is enough time to carve out a reasonably permanent neural pathway in your mind. Carve out a new path of light for yourself. 
Find your way to that which illuminates your life. 
I invite you to live in the light. Despite the surrounding darkness. By being surrounded by darkness – the light is more visible.

I invite you to reflect daily in search of light in your life.

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